Eric Botts, Interim President, is recently retired from the United States Department of State where he served as a foreign service officer in the Bahamas, Ireland, South Korea, and the Dominican Republic before becoming Assistant Director/Information Security Officer of the Houston Passport Agency. He is now adjunct professor at University of St. Thomas and University of Houston Downtown, where he teaches cyber security.

Bob Henschen is a retired public school teacher, with an M. Ed. in social studies education from the University of Houston. He taught modern U.S. History, psychology, and sociology at Westbury High School in Houston. In 2015, he helped organize the Houston Peace and Justice Center’s conference, “Peace or Wars Without End?,” at Texas Southern University and was a founding member of the Foreign Policy Alliance. He is a long time peace and justice activist and was a Bernie Sanders delegate to the 2016 Texas Democratic Convention.

Jeff Larson, Secretary, is an aerospace professional with 25 years in NASA’s Mission Control.  Outside of the space industry, he has been a candidate for office, a national convention delegate, an officer of a national Republican organization, a precinct chair, and a member of his county party’s candidates, vacancy, and training and development committees.

Joseph Marcinkowski is a founding member of the Foreign Policy Alliance, who brought the idea of a left-right alliance on foreign policy, inspired by Ralph Nader’s 2014 book Unstoppable, to the planning group that organized the 2015 Houston Peace and Justice Center conference, “Peace or Wars Without End?”  He earned a BA in Economics and History from City College NYC – CUNY, served in the U.S. Army, and worked in the fossil fuel industry for twenty six years, mostly outside the United States. As an activist, he is the Houston representative of the School of the Americas Watch (SOAW), an Executive Committee Member of the Houston Peace and Justice Center, as well as a member of Pax Christi and Veterans for Peace. Joe has been married to Laura Marcinkowski for fifty-two years and has three wonderful daughters and five fantastic grandchildren.

Allan Vogel, Treasurer has had a varied career which has run the gamut from paper boy to traveling museum attendant to journalism to longshore clerk to the printing industry to entrepreneur and small businessman. He has been active in many political campaigns as a petitioner, organizer, manager, and as a candidate in non-partisan as well as partisan elections with the Libertarian Party. His interest in foreign policy dates to the Vietnam War and has led him to the multi-partisan Foreign Policy Alliance as the best opportunity for long overdue reform.