Our Mission and Program

Mission Statement

The Foreign Policy Alliance is a nonpartisan organization which formed in 2015 to educate and advocate across the political spectrum for a United States foreign policy that emphasizes diplomacy, law, and cooperation, rather than costly and counterproductive intervention.  We believe that a new coalition on a more realistic and effective foreign policy approach is both possible and urgently needed.

The Program

Our program begins with our resolution: “A Call to Reform U.S. Foreign Policy” which includes seven items of concern that we address through our ongoing efforts.  We oppose the United States continuing police actions around the world and seek to reduce the global footprint of the U.S. military, curtail the bloated pentagon budget, reduce the scope and size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, emphasize diplomacy in international relations, uphold civil liberties, and re-establish war making powers to the U.S. Congress.  To achieve our goal of a citizen driven non-interventionist foreign policy, we are committed to undertaking a comprehensive set of programs to inform, engage, and advocate.


  • Using our website, http://www.ForeignPolicyAlliance.org, we make reference materials available to the public that provide alternative views from noted scholars and foreign policy experts that align with our principles.
  • We draft letters to the editor and op-ed pieces for print and digital media.
  • We participate in media interviews on television and radio.


  • We present and promote our resolution in a variety of forums: colleges and universities, civic groups, faith based institutions, political party meetings, and informal gatherings of concerned citizens.
  • We host panel discussions that are open to the public where people are encouraged to ask questions.
  • We distribute our “Wars without End?” brochure and other materials to the general public.


  • We reach out to elected officials and candidates running for public office.
  • We seek out influential figures and leaders in the foreign policy community to support and promote our resolution.
  • We network with like-minded organizations and individuals to expand the movement toward a new foreign policy that is in alignment with our values and principles.

It is our intention to expand and strengthen our programs to reach a larger base of citizens and elected officials with the ultimate goal of changing the consciousness of the American public.  We plan to build a groundswell of support that will result in a new foreign policy for our country and lead to a safer and more stable world.