HFPA on Houston Media Source “Greenwatch TV”

Houston Foreign Policy Alliance (GWTV, 2016/03/16) from Art Browning on Vimeo.

Our guests delve into how Americans of different political orientations converge on reforming our foreign policy in more rational ways. To many of us on both the right and on the left, it seems that our leaders are stuck in old ways. Our national resources should be realigned realistically. Jeff Larson and Bob Henschen discuss thoughts such as these with our host.

The Houston Foreign Policy Alliance is an outgrowth of a Left-Right Convergence conference held in Houston in 2015 at Texas Southern University under the auspices of Houston Peace and Justice Center (hpjc.org ) and other affiliated organizations.

This originally aired on Public Access TV in Houston, March 16, 2016 (local cable and the world wide web) via Houston Media Source (hmstv.org ), where you can watch us LIVE, also streaming other video shows 24-7 via internet.


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